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Author: leevallance (10:29 am)
Wow, cant believe its been that long since my paws tapped at the keyboard. Was drawn to posting by so many new puppies and people asking for facts on the corso.
I'm not a banned breed, and i am not a dangerous breed, in the right hands, so anyone looking for a corso should rest at ease, as long as you are the right people. My breeder doesnt let us go anywhere, only to those that can be trusted, and I only hope that in passing the first test, you go on to follow their guidance.
Those of you new to dogs, and to corsos, will be able to see my story. I was rehomed to Vicki and Lee who love me very much, over two years ago, but I know mom still speaks to my first mom to let her know how I am. I am sooooo stubborn, and can be a total prat with other dogs. I dont have fight or flight, I just go. I have got a lot better with other dogs, with gradual introduction, can walk with Mabel the rottie, but will quite happily show my teeth at anything else.
I arent a breed for the shy and retiring, I will over guard in these scenarios. I very much need to know my place. I am starting to come into my own though, thank you to my proper mom. Clio had me just over 4 years ago, and I zoom around like it was yesterday. She has come to live with us just over a month ago, and I have my moments, but am putting up with her. We were off lead together for the first time this weekend and I ran around like a loon, taking care to miss clio, as she is much smaller than me. I dont do delicate-Clio has my nose stuck to her bum most of the time, but we do do nose to nose now. I love having someone around to play with, and I am sure this will come in time once I have learned more about being around another dog. I lived with another dog until I was 18 months, but it has been a long slow progression in my new home.
What I will say, if that if you do get a corso, follow advice of fellow owners. This forum is a fantastic place to ask or research. Look at previous threads, more or less anything you need to know will be there. If you decide to take on a rescue, or rehome, research where it came from. There are certain 'lines' which is where we come from, our genes as such, that should not be crossed. Do your research very well, and you will find a companion, friend for life.
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Author: Neer (10:50 pm)
Lisa went for a holiday in Sea Palling and seemed to forget all of our house rules (apart from being a guard dog) whilst she was there! She tried to sneak food off the counter constantly, pawing Nathan's legs and would beg for food at the table. However after day 1 we soon stopped this behaviour by showing her that no matter where we are, she isn't allowed to do this.

We went to a few pubs and she enjoyed herself very much. In fact she started going up to people and greeting them for a cuddle and pat on the head which she has never done before, so I was very proud of her. She was a bit shaky to start with but soon got used to it all.

She got a very warm welcome from the town which we stayed at and everyone gave her treats and made a fuss over her. She has grown into her role as a guard dog very well, all of the houses we have been to - from Gloucester, London, Newcastle to Norfolk she has taken to guarding us well and always alerts us when someone approaches the house.

Her diet has remained pretty much the same, although I no longer feed her Bakers or many processed treats. I have got a pack of "Good boy beef jerky dog treats" which is 100% meat and she loves that. She is also going into kennels for a week in December as we are going away on holiday so I am planning to take her for walks around the kennels in late november/december so she can get used to her new environment, even though she will only be there for 5 days I still feel like I must do everything to put her at ease. We have found a really good kennel which we went to visit and were impressed by facilites and staff. http://www.bjkennelsandcattery.co.uk/kennels.html

Lisa will be going to have her vaccinations done next weekend and for some silly reason I am worrying about her. No idea why.
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Author: Neer (7:21 pm)
So far, things are going well in our family with Lisa learning many new things.

She has now learnt another command, which is up. She associates this with when she is sitting or laying down and when given the command she will stand up.
Normally I will say "up" when its time for her walk and have to put her collar and windbreaker on.
Lisa will still bark at cats if I am in the next room and not able to tell her off in the middle of the act but if we are on a walk she has progressed to just leaving them alone.

I've noticed she is very sensitive to the feelings of all of us in the house. If I feel down she will be quiet and sit near me. If I feel happy she will bound around the house and give me constant tail wagging!

She is still getting used to new experiences we introduce her to but so far she has done really well. If we go anywhere and its possible to take her with us, we will do it as its nice to see her experiencing new things.

She had a lovely day at the Suffolk show where she met her mum and spent some time with her. It was lovely for me to take her to the show because she really enjoyed her walk and even played with another corso. I loved it that she met so many different people and learnt many new things. She went for many walks with a lovely volpino too!

She is much more enthusiastic to go on walks now that we keep it short, she gets about 20 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening and seems to enjoy that.

We have added a spoon of greek yogurt into her meals and it's done her wonders with her tummy. she had an upset tummy last week but a friend recommended greek yogurt, and later on during the day she was back to normal with no other mishaps.

She has an amazing presence in our house. Before our house was empty and lonely. Now it feels alive and so busy with her here! The little things remind you not to take her for granted. She will come over to say hello even though I have just walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. If she's been asleep for a few hours she will run up to us and greet us like it's been ages that we haven't seen each other.
The most important thing is that she is on the alert even if she hears our neighbours walking about in their garden. She is definitely the best alarm system we've had.
Thank you to everyone who made it possible that we could have her here.
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Author: leevallance (8:02 pm)
Its the equivalent of man flu, but with ear infections. Mine are the worst. No other dogs ears will ever be as bad. Momma jojo taught me well, it is all about ME!

I had a routine visit to the vets for my leg giving way. I was over excited on my birthday, chasing my frisbee, then went lame on it. I'm OK, just waiting for MRI scan to check whats going on there. Two days later, I had to keep mom and dad awake with my ear scratching. They kept it in turns on Friday night sitting with me to stop me from clawing off my own ears. Mom joked that I must have mistaken my ears for small furry animals I'd given them such a hard time. Quandry. Pets at home drops or vets? Momma has now invested in jojos tip for ears, but chose vets. I like pete the vet, he has a way with big dogs. I was soo happy I even farted in the surgery, much to moms embarrassment. He recommended drops, as it was much the skin as my ears. I am normally reallllllllllyyyyyyy good with having my ears cleaned, its fuss at the end of the day isn't it.... So when mom got me home, and read the label, administer 5-10 drops. I think I got to 4 drops in the less bad ear before I yelped. Mom has been calling me a softy, cos I wont let her near! Been back tonight though, and elbow and ear looking a lot better, inflammation down so it may just have been the way I was leaping-I'm not known for doing things by halves.

Jojo would have cringed at my mischievousness though today. We have a huge Aloe plant in the front room, that daddy has protected the ends with corks, so I dont get scratched. He seems to think I might play with it for some reason. Mom realised I had been quiet for a while. I was picking off the corks, and lining them up on the floor. I thought it was funny that I then ran off with the biggest one, and didnt want to give it back. Have been told that if want to go out with other dogs going to have to behave, and have been practising with Mabel the rottie. I really love her, but mom thinks it could be unrequited!

May see some of you in April, I promise to behave x

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Author: Neer (9:43 pm)
I'm very happy to say that Lisa is doing so well. We take her everywhere with us and she has never let us down. It really does show how important socialisation is, she has never growled or barked at another dog or human. When someone has stroked her who she doesn't know she has always been calm.
I have added many more things to Lisa's food diet. We finally sourced a good reliable RMB supplier called Natural Instinct. Lisa's teeth are as healthy as ever. We are also very happy that her eyes do not water as much any more and her coat is very sleek and shiny. The scab on her nose has healed up completely as has the scab that was underneath her chin.
I am also relieved to say that she is not a fussy eater and now she will happy take slices of carrots from me as a treat. When she first came to us she would spit it out onto the floor! But now she enjoys broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas and many other vegetables.
We kept on looking for ways to slow her down when she was eating because of big breeds being prone to bloat, but we have found that the best way to do this is to buy a crate cover (black) from P@H and its covers the whole crate nicely. leaving only the door of the crate uncovered. So it looks like a cave from her position. Lisa has felt secure enough to eat her food much slowly now and (I think!) that she takes her time to eat. Although she can demolish an entire turkey back in 10-15 minutes! She loves lamb necks as a treat but does not get them everyday as a meal replacement because they are rather expensive.
We used to feed Lisa a small quantity of pasta with her food once or twice a week but since doing a bit of research about pasta we have found that they cause a bit of gas in dogs so we have since replaced this with rice in her diet and give her much smaller frequent meals now.

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