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Adder Bites

Article regarding adder bites.

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Reputable breeder v backyard breeder
Reputable breeder v backyard breeder
An article explaining how to tell the difference between the two and outlining the consequences of buying from a backyard breeder.
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  1. All About Dog show Sun 26th - Mon 27th Aug..2012 Norfolk
    Categories: Corso Information
    All about dogs, Norfolk - Show Info

    When: 26th, 27th Aug
    Where: Royal Norfolk Showground, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 0TT
    Doors: 10am - 5pm
    Parking: FREE
    Dogs: Permitted on lead. Must have full and upto date inoculations and you must clear up after your dog.
    Directions: click here for directions
    Tickets Gate Price Online Price
    Adults 6.50 5.00
    OAPs 6.00 4.50
    Children (under 16) 3.00 2.00
  2. Dominance theory - the argument against
    Categories: Corso Information
    Personally, I do not support dominance theory in relation to canine training and behaviour. I find the following links particularly useful in explaining exactly why.
  3. Hot Weather & Dogs - Summer Advice
    Categories: Health
    A comprehensive article written by Endangered Dogs Defence and Rescue Ltd.
  4. Canine First Aid
    Categories: Health
    Overview of a Canine First Aid course.
  5. Law, regulations and guidance (Scotland)
    Categories: Corso Information
    The following article provides useful information for pet owners and anyone working with animals. It is not intended to constitute legal advice.

    A brief summary is given for each. Please click on the headings to view the actual publication.
  6. Miss Edie's story
    Categories: Rescue
    Miss Edie's rescue story
  7. Managing Polygenic Disease: Canine Hip Dysplasia as an Example
    Categories: Health
    An article regarding the complexities of tackling HD. Reproduced with kind permission of the author.
  8. Millie Moo's story
    Categories: Rescue
    The heart-breaking tale of Millie Moo, a rescued Cane Corso.
  9. Fostering - Harry's story
    Categories: Rescue
    Ruth is an experienced foster carer. Here she tells the story of Harry, the worst cruelty case she has ever had to deal with.

    Ruth went on to foster and subsequently adopt a rescued Cane Corso named Dizzy. Heartbreakingly, he had to be put to sleep shortly afterwards due to serious health problems. RIP Dizzy. See http://www.thefocc.com/xoops/modules/news/article.php?storyid=92.
  10. Hereditary health problems - illustrated
    Categories: Health
    Illustrations to show how genetic disorders are passed down from parent to offspring.


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